Astro Devil, Diablo Canyon, Santa Fe Rock

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Astro Devil, Diablo Canyon, Santa Fe Rock

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Today I climbed another stellar route in Diablo Canyon with my favorite metrosexual hillbilly. My mother accompanied us and we did not murder her. A wonderful time was had by all.

Jessie and Patrick approach the base of Astro Devil
astrodevil, 00

Patrick leads the first pitch while I belay.
astrodevil, 01

The second pitch has lots of small edges and great rock.
astrodevil, 02

There are a few moves that require balance or fancy footwork.
astrodevil, 03

The rock was getting hot and I was glad to be done with my lead.
astrodevil, 04

Patrick is moving past a mantle style move that gave me some trouble. It seemed like a spot where height is not an advantage.
astrodevil, 05

Note that the helmet is on the harness for proper steeze. It's for belaying.
astrodevil, 06

The top pitch was also very good but I didn't take any butt shots. My toes melted while I was following it. It will be good to revisit this climb during cooler weather. I would not recommend getting as late of a start as we did on a hot day. But it was still worth it!

Astro Devil is relentless and I recommend it.

Love you, mom, thanks for the visit!

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